Kenny Roberts Yamaha TZ750 Flat Track Indy Mile

“They don’t pay me enough to ride this thing” are the words Kenny Roberts spoke after winning the 1975 Indy Mile on the legendary Yamaha TZ750 flat tracker. With almost twice as much power as any other machine in the field, there was never any doubt that it would be quick enough, but it was ‘King’ Kenny’s skill in taming this vicious beast of a bike that allowed him to swoop to victory on the last lap of the race. Quickly banned by the AMA who saw the potential dangers of the big 4-cylinder two strokes on fast flat tracks, it was 34 years later that Kenny returned to ride the bike once more, this time with Valentino Rossi watching from the sidelines.

Check out this incredible video from Yamaha Motor USA to see just how quickly the King got back into the groove on the screaming TZ750!