Is the 1983 MVX250F Honda’s Forgotten 2-Stroke?

Have you ever even seen a Honda MVX250F? – If you have the chances are you live in Japan or Australia/New Zealand, the only markets that Honda chose to market their one year only 2-stroke V3 sportster. Known primarily for their loyalty to the 4-stroke engine, the MVX250 was Honda’s first two stroke road bike (they had of course offered 2-stroke scooters and off road/trail bikes before) and it entered a market which was dominated by Yamaha’s already hugely successful LC/RZ model.

Honda MVX250F


A 2-stroke V3?

Honda won the 1983 500cc World Championship with Freddie Spencer onboard the NS500 3-cylinder race bike, but sadly the MVX250 wasn’t destined for sales success. Featuring two horizontal forward facing cylinders with avertical middle cylinder (check out the pic!), the design was innovative but a layout which in practice caused significant vibration issues and offered only 40 bhp – a respectable but not earth shattering figure even back in 1983. Other noteworthy features included enclosed front and rear disc brakes and Honda’s proven ‘Pro Link’ rear suspension. Reportedly the bike handled well enough and certainly looked good but was overshadowed by reliability issues which ultimately brought about its early demise.

Honda MVX250F V3 2-Stroke Triple Cylinder Engine

Thinking of buying a Honda MVX250F?

Then your first problem is likely to be finding one! – Never officially offered outside of Japan and Australasia, few seem to be appear for sale, and those that do come up in Europe/USA will likely have been privately imported. In light of the MVX’s well known issues check it out carefully as spares don’t seem to be particularly easy to find. Get yourself a good one though and you’ll have a classic Honda that not many enthusiasts will have seen before.


MSX250F Videos:


Honda MSX250F Basic Specifications:
Years Produced: 1983-1984
Engine capacity: 249cc
Bore and Stroke: 47 mm x 48 mm
Engine type: Two stroke, 90┬░V 3-cylinder, reed valve induction
Engine cooling: Water cooling
Claimed power output: 40 hp (29.8 kW) @ 9000 rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed
Final drive: Chain
Frame type: Tubular steel
Front suspension: Telescopic forks
Rear suspension: ‘Pro-Link’ monoshock
Brakes: Front & rear Inboard single disc
Wheelbase: 1,370 mm
Dry weight: 138 Kg