Casal 50cc Race Bike

Just noticed this very pretty little Casal 50cc based race bike for sale on eBay. I’m not sure exactly how competitive it would be against more refined 50cc 2-stroke racers, but as the seller says it would be great for parading or showing.

Check out the eBay ad for this bike:

Casal 50cc 2-strike racing motorcycle

According to the ad it needs recommissioning, but comes with a spare engine included. I seem to remember that the Portuguese Casal 2-strokes were based on a Zundapp design, so I reckon it would be a straightforward job – you’d certainly end up with a very interesting little bike for your troubles.

Though this is clearly a road-derived machine, the ‘factory’ racing Casals were quite successful. Following a tie up with Dutch company HuVo, the Casal HuVo’s saw success in both 50 and 80cc Grand Prix classes.