BSA Bantam 125cc Racing Bike

Spotted recently for sale, this BSA Bantam race bike is a great example of a machine that many club road racers cut their teeth on back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Based on the venerable telegram delivery boy’s favourite bike, Bantam racing offered a low cost way to get started in motorcycle sport using machines which were easily available and which were a great basis for tuning and modification.

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BSA Bantam 125cc Racing Bike

Still popular today, Bantam racing is a class which favours the home builder and tuner with rules which are strictly adhered to but allow plenty of scope for experimentation. Crankcases must remain Bantam, as must cylinder barrels (though they may be modified internally), no water cooling is allowed, though heads are free (indeed this particular bike has a Todd head fitted). The frame must retain the main Bantam ‘loop’ though it can be modified. Wheels must be spoked and suspension and braking can be changed.

BSA Bantam Racing Bike

Still a great way to get involved in the sport (particularly  if you are handy with the spanners!). You can find out more about Bantam racing at :